Does Wholesales sterling silver rust?

Wholesale sterling silver

Are you planning to invest in Wholesales sterling silver? Are you interested in buying some silver jewelry for everyday wear, casual wear, formal wear, and more? Then with purchasing jewelry, you must know that every jewelry is expected to dull after some time, so does the sterling silver jewelry. Wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces also rust down after some time, so you need to learn how to prevent sterling silver rust.

Sterling silver:

Sterling silver metal is one of the most famous choices if you love gorgeous sterling jewelry. To last it for decades, you need to follow some tips to keep silver jewelry sterling and lustrous for a lifetime.
First of all, to answer the wholesale sterling silver rust question? YES, wholesale sterling silver does rust. It’s because sterling silver is prepared using 92.5% silver with 7.5% other metals, which form an alloy like copper, which can tarnish silver over time. Such metals interact with air and result in tarnishing over silver jewelry.


Before we jump into whether the silver jewelry rusts or not? We must know what a tarnishing process is?
Tarnishing is a chemical reaction that occurs because of oxygen and contact with moisture with metals. All the precious metals in the market do tarnish at some point. Only pure gold and platinum are tarnish-resistant metals, but wholesales sterling silver jewelry quickly tarnishes and trunks into black, grey, or brown colors over some time. Only fine or pure silver won’t tarnish, but sterling silver does tarnish if not cleaned properly.

Tips for storing wholesale sterling silver jewelry against rust:

1. Storage:

Proper storage is one of the main factors for preventing silver jewelry from tarnishing. Avoid keeping them on dressers for nightstands, drawers, or more. You need to store them properly right away. Keep the jewelry in a dark, cool place when you don’t want to wear it. Keep them away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. Consider placing sterling silver jewelry in plastic bags so that they are correctly stored. This prevents the jewelry from contaminants. You can also buy anti-tarnish paper strips, which you can place along with the jewelry.

2.Keep the pieces away from any moisture:

Avoid wearing wholesales sterling silver jewelry within showers or pools, as it will affect the luster of silver jewelry. Moisture will tarnish your silver jewelry. Never place your silver jewelry in bathrooms leading to exposure to moisture or humidity.

3.Wiping off:

Once you are done wearing the wholesales sterling silver jewelry, make sure to wipe it off every day and store it properly. Make sure to dry it off using a soft cloth and then wipe it. Wiping the silver jewelry properly allows you to prevent it from any tarnish.


Cleaning is essential for removing any tarnish. If you see any signs, don’t be shocked. You can follow these simple steps to keep the jewelry sparkling.

: Take a cup filled with warm water and add some drops of dishwashing liquid.

: Now place the sterling silver jewelry pieces within the cup.

: Now gently wash the jewelry pieces to remove tarnish. Now make use of a cotton swab and place it within deep, tight corners.

: Now make use of an old toothbrush for cleaning the tarnish.

: Now remove the sterling silver jewelry and then wipe it.

: Now allow the jewelry to dry off before keeping it in storage bags.

: For wiping the silver jewelry, make sure to use polishing cloths that have chemicals for removing any tarnish. Do not wash these clothes.

5.Keep your jewelry away from chemicals:

Keep the silver jewelry away from any harsh chemicals like acetone or bleach. Some people use baking soda or toothpaste too for cleaning. It’s ideal for keeping your sterling silver jewelry clean and wiping them off properly. But remember the fact that these hacks also scratch down the surface of the jewelry. Chlorine in swimming pools can also tarnish the wholesales sterling silver.

6.Wear sterling silver jewelry daily:

Our next trip is to regularly wear all your jewelry and store them in a cool, dry place. Never throw the silver jewelry into storage boxes for life; they won’t last for long. Keep the wholesales sterling silver jewelry in lustrous condition by wearing them regularly, as this allows your articles to last forever. Wearing your silver jewelry pieces every day rubs them against your skin which keeps them new without any signs of tarnish.

7.Choose rhodium plated silver jewelry:

Rhodium is a metal that belongs to platinum. This whitish appearance of metal keeps the sterling silver jewelry fresh and new. This metal prevents your jewelry from any tarnish offering an ideal jewelry piece.

8.Silver dip:

For your precious silver jewelry pieces, you can also use silver dip, which works well for removing tarnish, allowing you to reach within the tight spots. When using silver dip, rinse the piece correctly and dry it once you are done dipping. Make sure to use a low-tech cleaning method that is also eco-friendly. Cut down the piece of aluminum foil.

Now cover down the bottom of your bowl. Directly pour hot water within the bowl, mix 1 tbsp of salt, baking soda, washing detergent, and place jewelry within the bowl. Now cover the top of your bowl with foil. Let your jewelry sit within the bowl for around 5-10 minutes. Now rinse it using cool water and dry the jewelry using a soft cloth.

9.Use of ultrasonic cleaners:

The last option to get rid of rust from wholesales sterling silver jewelry is to use ultrasonic cleaners. They are ideal for getting rid of grime and dirt from the crevices and gemstones compared to other jewelry cleaning options. However, they don’t remove any tarnish. You can also use domestic ultrasonic cleaners with some warm water and a small quantity of detergent.



wholesales sterling silver


Hope your question about wholesales sterling silver rust is now straightforward. Following the tips regularly will prevent your expensive sterling silver jewelry from fresh as new without any signs of tarnish. The exquisite silver jewelry is all about sparkle, brilliance, and ultimate shine, so maintain the look of your favorite jewelry pieces in sterling condition with this ultimate guide.

wholesales sterling silver

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