wholesale sterling silver

The demand for elegant wholesale sterling silver jewelry is increasing every day. These classic jewelry pieces are getting popular all over the world for their reasonable rates and charming looks. Earlier, silver was not so popular because of the higher values of gold. But now, people think differently; they save money and get the prettiest jewelry items. You all know silver is beautiful and comes in various designs, but do you know about the sparkling types? We are here with the things to make you aware of all the types of silver.

What is Wholesale Sterling Silver?

First, you need to know about the actual wholesale sterling silver. Sterling silver is not pure silver. The pure silver form is so soft, which can’t be suitable for the jewelry items. To make the purest form of silver harder, several elements are alloyed with silver. It is known as sterling silver and is highly durable for jewelry making. All of the types almost look the same, but there are many differences.

What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Sterling Silver

Based on the mixture of different elements from the periodic table, silver can be of various types. You need to know about these types to make suitable and better choices while buying wholesale sterling silver. We are mentioning all the types below:


wholesale sterling silver

  • Fine 999 silver
  • Sterling 925 silver 
  • Argentium silver 
  • Nickel silver
  • Coin silver 
  • Silver
  • Silver-plated
  • Silver filled
  • Tribal silver
  1. Fine 999 Silver

The word fine itself defines the presence of silver in this type. Fine silver means it is 99.95 silver and only 1% other elements. It is the purest type of silver jewelry. The lustrous and elegant white look of this type is so impressive but is more prone to damages. It will change its form, wholesale sterling silver and you will notice various scratches on it. It is hypoallergenic and is only suitable for pendants or earrings. 

  1. Sterling 925 Silver

One of the most famous and favorite silver types is sterling 925 silver. It’s not new; it has been in use for years. wholesale silver rings are 92.5 silver and 7.5 copper. The purpose is to make it more durable and charming. wholesale sterling silver It is widely used for various jewelry items all over the world. The only problem is that it changes its color after some time because of oxidation. But guess what? It is so easy to clean your sterling silver jewelry. 


  1. Argentium Silver

If you want something more durable and tarnish resistant than sterling silver, then it’s Argentium silver. It is a bit expensive but a popular type these days. The availability of two grades makes it more attractive. It has 93.2% and 96% silver grades. The increased amount of silver makes it more sparkling and elegant. Argentium silver is alloyed with germanium and copper. It doesn’t have nickel and is only available at few places, featuring a flying unicorn stamp. The absence of nickel makes it hypoallergenic and easier to clean. 


wholesale sterling silver

  1. Nickel Silver

It is not silver. There are no metals related to silver, and the composition is clear enough only to match the color of silver. It is popular for costume jewelry mostly. Nickel silver is 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. Because of its sparkling and bright appearance, people think it’s the same as wholesale sterling silver, but it’ not. It can cause allergies if you are an allergic person. If you want delicate jewelry designs, it is the right choice.

  1. Coin Silver

Before sterling silver, coin silver was the commonly used silver type for jewelry items. As it contains 90% silver, it is considered one of the best types of silver. The actual difference between sterling silver and coin silver is the decreased amount of silver in coin silver type. It is a wrong perception that it was used to make coins because of its name. The silver coin can be obtained from some scarp coins, which are of actual silver.  

  1. Silver

There is a term silver in the market which refers to no kind of silver. Yes, you learned it right; there is no amount of silver in this jewelry type. It can be anything, even brass of good quality with a coat of silver or some other element to resemble the color and brightness. If you are planning to buy something cheap and for occasional purposes, it is good to buy, else it is not the right choice as silver jewelry.


  1. Silver Plated

Unlike other silver types, it is just a type with a thin coating of silver, which is easily negligible. If you are seeking some pretty jewelry items for your costume, you should go for it. Silver-plated jewelry is not durable and long-lasting because the silver layer is too thin, and there is no silver inside.

  1. Silver Filled

Because of the price drop of silver, it is quite challenging sometimes to find silver-filled jewelry pieces. Unlike silver plate, silver filled has a thick layer over the base metal. It usually contains about 10% silver, which is valuable. Hence, it sits between wholesale sterling silver and silver-plated jewelry types. It is less expensive but tough to maintain.

  1. Tribal Silver 

For your classic and exotic silver designs, tribal silver is the wise option. Tribal silver is a high-quality jewelry choice but may contain the smallest or no silver amount in it. The composition is different for all the pieces. Check for the elements used, especially if you are allergic, as it may contain lead. It is not a good investment but suitable for elegant jewelry designs.


Final Verdict

Go through the above writing piece to get thorough information about silver and its types. If you plan to invest in silver, choose the kind that is beneficial for you, such as a wholesale ring or fine wholesale sterling silver. Whereas if you are looking for a delicate and sparkling type to fit with your costume, go for a durable but less expensive option. All of them are beautiful but have different values based on their compositions; hence, whatever you buy, don’t forget to check for the quality because quality matters the most.