Why Choose Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling Silver is timeless, sophisticated, and versatile, and this magnificent alloy deserves its position as one of the loveliest precious metals in existence. However, many people are not very sure of what makes sterling silver so special. So what exactly is this metal and how durable is it when compared to pure silver and other popular metals? How does it match the individual needs of consumers, designers, and jewelers?

We have put together this complete guide to the intricacies of sterling silver jewelry in order to answer all of your questions about this beautifully unique metal. Read on to gain more insight into sterling silver alongside the numerous benefits of adding one or a few pieces to your jewelry collection. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why Choose Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling Silver Jewelry

What is Sterling Silver?

Wholesale Sterling Silver is an alloy that is made from pure silver as well as other trace metals but to have a full understanding as to how sterling silver was developed, we must first begin with pure silver.
Buried several feet beneath the earth’s crust, silver has been well known around the world as a precious metal of great value. From the time it was first discovered up until now, we have mined and worn and enjoyed it. Silver was used many centuries ago as intricate jewelry and also as currency. Sterling Silver Jewelry

It has historically been an indicator of status and wealth- expressions such as “served on a silver platter”, “born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” are all illustrators of the wealthy connotations of this wealthy metal.
Metalsmiths also had a number of problems with silver. Pure silver is an extremely soft metal, and despite its beauty, it is not useful for creating home goods or anything of the sort. In order to be functional, silver’s malleability had to be strengthened with metal much stronger than it. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver: A lovely Solution

To put it simply, an alloy is a mixture of various types of metals. These metals are heated until they have formed a liquid. Thereafter, they are poured together, creating new material with differing properties for each material. It is not certain yet when the first silver alloy was created. However, we are sure that it was widely in use by the 11th century. Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Norman Penny which was issued by William the Conqueror in Britain (1083) was crafted from silver alloy. In the earliest designs of this coin, two small starts were afloat on the shoulders of the king- In Old English, the word sterling is translated to mean “as like a little star”, which is probably an origin of the word “sterling” Sterling Silver Jewelry

Today, Sterling Silver is among the most widely used metals in high-quality jewelry as well as accessories. However, it is important to note that not any silver alloy can be tagged as sterling- pure sterling silver must contain a specific amount of silver content. Sterling silver is made mostly from pure silver, and the slight addition of a different metal provides silver with the strength and durability needed, without having adverse effects on its lovely white-gray look. Sterling Silver Jewelry

What are the differences and Similarities between wholesale sterling silver and pure silver?

Sterling Silver Jewelry

1. Maintenance

Tarnishing can be described as a chemical reaction that gradually dulls and darkens metals. When exposed to sulfur in the air and water forms a coating varnish on the metal’s surface, the metal ends up with a loss of shimmer and shine. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Just like pure gold, pure silver is not a very reactive metal. It does not react with water or oxygen and as a result, does not easily wear off. Sterling silver on the other hand has more sensitivity to water and air as opposed to pure silver, which makes it susceptible to fading off. Although sterling silver is a lot more functional than pure silver, it requires extra care to stay in perfect condition. If your wholesale sterling silver piece starts to show signs of tarnishing, be calm-sterling silver is easy to clean! Alternatively, you can purchase a new piece from Hong Factory. Sterling Silver Jewelry


Of all the precious metals, sterling silver is the least expensive, and that makes it a more pocket-friendly option for people who want high-quality jewelry without a jaw-dropping price tag attached. Sterling Silver Jewelry


Sterling silver is not heavy metal. It is probably even the lightest of the precious metals. Although some people enjoy the feel of substantial jewelry such as gold and platinum, the lightness of sterling silver makes it an excellent choice for regular use, especially when you do not want to feel weighed down by heavy jewelry pieces. Sterling Silver Jewelry


Due to the fact that it can easily wear off, sterling silver requires much more care to maintain than other precious metals. Although tarnishing is easy to avoid and clean, this attribute of silver makes sit a less likely or popular choice for pieces like wedding bands or engagement rings. Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why Wholesale Sterling Silver is perfect for Jewelry

Due to the fact that other metals are added to sterling silver, it is a highly durable material for the crafting of jewelry pieces. Additionally, sterling silver is lightweight and can be worn with casual outfits as well as formal outfits. For jewelry, sterling silver provides a solid metal that will not dent or scratch easily. For earrings, sterling silver makes a bold and elegant fashion statement. Sterling silver rings are lightweight, strong, and durable. Even when worn all day, they have the capacity to hold their shape. Sterling Silver Jewelry


If you are looking to purchase the perfect piece of sterling silver jewelry, you are on the right track. Wholesale sterling silver is a gorgeous and versatile metal for any kind of jewelry. Whether you’re looking to own a tough piece to last for several years or a classic design that matches any style, sterling silver is sure to provide you with a satisfactory outcome. Hong Factory’s team of skilled jewelers and designers offer impeccable and well-crafted designs of sterling silver pieces that best express your distinguished preference, style, and personality. Sterling Silver Jewelry

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