Statement necklaces are still popular and have been for quite some time. It’s a foregone conclusion that they’re not going away anytime soon. This is a good thing since the appropriate statement necklace can transform any look from “meh” to “wow.” A very dazzling one, such as jewel necklaces, will convert a plain clothing into something truly remarkable.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the appropriate enormous statement necklace may be all that is required to entirely change one’s appearance. One common method to wear statement or jewel necklaces is to match them with something boring, such as a little black dress or a white button down and jeans.

They may also be worn with a t-shirt. They make it simple to spice up a plain outfit and may be worn in a variety of ways. necklace with your outfits They’re called “statement” necklaces for a reason: they make a statement! Even though they seem a little daunting, there is no need to be frightened of trying them out. Statement and gem necklaces may be made less intimidating and more enjoyable for anybody by following a few easy guidelines. Take this idea and go with it!





Simple shirts with glitzy necklaces

When glittering gem necklaces are added to a plain white or denim material button down shirt, it becomes instantly beautiful. The collared neckline is important because it frames the prominent jewelry. This is ideal for folks who are unsure whether they should dress up or down for an occasion. necklace with your outfits

Sometimes invitations aren’t very clear. With a great combo like this, you can stand out and command all of the attention. A longer shirt may be worn with leggings or tucked into pants. To make it work flawlessly, the clothing should be primarily casual with that eye-catching sparkle around the neck.




The boldest on the boldest

Never be scared to wear a statement necklace with a statement design! Playing with these two aspects may result in an incredible aesthetic that will easily turn heads. Combining patterns is something to avoid; if the clothing has a pattern, keep the necklace solid in some way. In most circumstances, gem necklaces are ideal for this. Consider wearing turquoise with a leopard pattern or ruby jewels with a zebra design. Have some fun with it!





If you’re wearing a single-color ensemble, a statement necklace with a variety of hues is ideal. This pairing takes the ensemble to a whole new level. It’s ideal for summer parties, holidays, and other occasions where a lively look is needed. Even a single bright and vivid color applied to a conventional white, black, or blue garment is stunning. NECKLACES




Denim and neon

Nothing says “fun” like neon and denim. Though it may harken back to the 1980s, it yet has a current feel since statement and jewel necklaces are constructed differently, as are the styles of denim shirts and skirts. Still, the 1980s were a fantastic era, and many people now want to wear styles from that era. When coupled with jeans, neon hues “jump” and can make anyone look like they just stepped off the catwalk.




It’s a match!

Choose a color from your wardrobe and match your statement or gemstone necklaces to it! This brings attention to the clothing and gives the impression that it was meant to be together. This creates a very clean and professional appearance.

A black skirt with red flowers, a white blouse, and a red statement necklace are some examples. The necklace draws attention to the red pieces in the skirt.
Regardless of whether approach is used, the goal is to “make a statement” with your necklaces while still having fun!

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