How to Rock Marcasite Bracelets on Both Wrists in 7 Easy Ways

Marcasite is a beautiful gemstone with a multitude of uses. Its durability makes it perfect for jewelry and even technology. Marcasite bracelets are also popular among those who like to rock a double-wrists display. But being a style trendsetter isn’t easy. Here are seven tips for rocking one of these bracelets on both wrists!

How to Rock Marcasite Bracelets on Both Wrists in 7 Easy Ways

Marcasite Bracelets

1. The Double Loop Style

One way to be fashionable when it comes to wearing multiple marcasite bracelets is by looping them around your wrists. As long as they are lightweight and not too flimsy, you can wear a double loop style bracelet by putting one around your left wrist and another around the right wrist. It’s important to give them equal lengths so that there is enough room to slide them over the hand without overlapping each other.

2. The Single Loop Style

Another way to have multiple marcasite bracelets fit on your wrists at once is by making a single loop out of it with an extension chain or a longer than average size metal link chain. Since this will take up more space on both your arms, think ahead before buying such bracelets just in case it doesn’t suit you well when you try it on for size alone. This style does not require equal lengths, but it is advisable to make sure that the ends aren’t too long. This will cause discomfort when worn because they won’t stay in place.

3. The Flower Style Bracelet

When you want to wear marcasite bracelets on both of your wrists at the same time, one way to do this is by turning them into a flower design where you can keep them on and have access to the fullness of their size and beauty without having to worry about them overlapping each other or slipping off your hand altogether. This depends on how big or small your arms are, so there really isn’t a set rule for this type of bracelet. It’s more an art than anything else.

4. The Infinity Style Bracelet

Another way you can wear marcasite bracelets on both of your wrists is by making them into an infinity design which basically means that the loop will be connected to one end of the bracelet so that it will form a continuous circle when worn. This is common among those who enjoy wearing chunky size bracelets or cuff bracelets as well.

Marcasite Bracelets

5. The Single Piece Design

If you don’t like doubling up your marcasite bracelets, then there’s no rule saying you can’t just opt for one piece and make sure it covers both wrists at once without overlapping each other too much if they are made from different materials such as metal vs. stone. This is another reason why it’s important for you to know your own body since a lot of us are of different sizes.

6. The Single Piece Design (Alternative)

If you want to make sure that both marcasite bracelets don’t overlap each other, even if they are made from the same material such as metal or stone, then you can simply attach them together by making use of an extension chain which will add length so it will cover one wrist when worn. Again, this depends on how big or small your arms are but even so, no two wrists are the same size.

7. The Extension Chain Style Bracelet

As mentioned earlier, adding an extension chain can be used as a way to make sure marcasite bracelets don’t overlap each other. You can also wear them to look like a single bracelet but with an extension chain attached to it. Although you have to make sure that the length is enough to allow for a comfortable fit since even if both bracelets are made from different materials, some links might be too long or too short on their own, so adding extra ones will help with this problem and give your wrists more room.

Here are other Tips to know;

1. Be Careful Matching and Mixing Colors

The colors of your bracelet must match your clothing. If you’re wearing white, make sure there aren’t too many different color beads in your mix; this will give off an “unplanned” appearance. When matching jewelry to multiple outfits, it’s also good to have some backup pieces for when you want to try a new look or change things up. The perfect outfit has just as much variety in its accessories as it does in its clothing.

2. Stay Comfortable with Your Style Choices

A Marcasite bracelet can be worn on either or both wrists. It’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is certainly worth the investment, but when it comes to comfort, nothing beats an elastic strap for its ease-of-use and shaping capabilities. If you’re not ready to commit to one type of bracelet just yet, numerous options exist on the market. Marcasite Bracelets

3. Don’t Forget What’s Underneath

If you will wear a Marcasite bracelet on both wrists, make sure your clothing layer has some substance to it. Wearing thin shirts under your bracelets will cause them to cling together and give off quite the unattractive sound! If you don’t plan to wear many layers in warm weather, consider following tip #5 Marcasite Bracelets

4. Consider a Little Reveal

The easiest solution for the layered clothing issue is to exclusively wear your Marcasite bracelet on one wrist and then tuck the other end underneath your shirt layer. This will provide all of the comfort and protection you need from the metal, but it won’t really be very noticeable. Just make sure that you don’t forget which side has it hidden! As always — be safe when wearing jewelry; if you think any part of your body could get injured or caught on something, there’s no reason to risk it. 6) Marcasite Bracelets

Come Up with an Outfit Plan Beforehand If you’re planning on rocking two bracelets this weekend, try thinking about what kind of outfits they would go best with. If you’re wearing a dressy outfit, you may want to try an elegant gold bracelet; if you’re going casual, try an earth-colored one that fits the color scheme of your wardrobe. Marcasite Bracelets

5. Be True to Yourself

The truth is that very few people can pull this off without looking like they’re perhaps a little too in touch with their sibling. But then again, some people look good in everything! Don’t worry about trying to be the perfect “matching set” with your friend or significant other – if it works for them, let them do what makes them happy. You’ve got plenty of options, and it’s up to YOU how you want to rock your Marcasite bracelet on both wrists! Armed with all these tips, you are more than ready to rock your marcasite bracelets on both wrists!

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