Africa’s great Star



This diamond rose to prominence due to its enormous size, giving it the distinction of biggest cut diamond in the world. It was discovered in Transvaal, South Africa in 1905 and is known as the Cullinan Diamond. It weighs 3,106 carats and has 74 facets. The stone is presently housed at the Tower of London, together with The Royal Sceptre, after it was handed to Edward VII as a gift, which he refused to accept until Winston Churchill persuaded him to. FAMOUS DIAMONDS


This diamond is most well-known for its prominent position in the British Crown Jewels. It has the longest history of any notable diamond, dating back to 1304, and has changed hands several times. It was discovered in India and belonged to the Mughal Empire until being purchased by Shah Jahan, who is most known for creating the Taj Mahal. FAMOUS DIAMONDS

It was a component of his throne and one of his most valuable things. The stone subsequently made its way to Afghanistan, where it was claimed by the East India Company as conflict erupted between the Sikhs and the British in India. It was then handed to Queen Victoria in 1855 and worn as a brooch. It was eventually put into the Crown, and Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth all wore it. FAMOUS DIAMONDS


Hope Diamond

Despite its name, the hope diamond appears to bring only ill luck and tragedy to those who own it. According to some questionable accounts, this is due to a curse that restricts the diamond. Suicides, coups, torture, and destitution are allegedly among the calamities that have befallen those who have held it. Unfortunately for people who enjoy the supernatural, most of these are unsubstantiated and lack historical support. Despite this, the stone was held by the notorious Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who was executed during the French Revolution, which resulted in the overthrow of France’s last absolute monarchy. FAMOUS DIAMONDS

There is no evidence to imply that this was due to the stone, but rather to unfair taxes throughout France and starvation in prior summers. The curse tale is related to the stone’s ability to emit a red glow when exposed to short wave light rays, which is caused by boron traces contained within its composition. FAMOUS DIAMONDS

The Diamond of the Spoon-Maker

The fact that this diamond is so massive is not what makes it famous; rather, it is the intriguing mythology that surrounds its origins. According to legend, a fisherman in Istanbul discovered the diamond along the bank of a river. After a few days of carrying it about in his pocket, he presented his discoveries to a local trader, who assured him it was merely a piece of glass. Despite the fact that the stone was ‘worthless,’ the merchant awarded the fisherman three spoons for his pains, which he happily accepted. The merchant subsequently sold the stone to a vizier for a large sum of cash, duping the unsuspecting fisherman. This is how the gem received the moniker “spoon maker.”


Orlov’s Diamond

The Orlov diamond has had a remarkable journey, beginning in an old Indian temple and ending in war-torn Russia. According to mythology, the diamond was stolen from India and was discovered in the eye socket of the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple’s presiding deity statue. Surprisingly, it is generally stated that the stone was stolen by a French grenadier who pretended to be a converted Hindu in order to gain entrance to the temple and steal the diamond. He subsequently escaped to Madras, where he obtained the British army’s protection and a buyer for the diamond. FAMOUS DIAMONDS

The stone went from trader to merchant until landing in the hands of Grigory Orlov, a Russian count. The count is most remembered for his friendship with Catherine the Great, whom he helped ascend to power and whom he would later donate the stone to. Another tale has it that during Napoleon’s conquest of Russia, his forces attempted to take the diamond but were thwarted by a ghost that supposedly ascended to guard the gem! It is presently placed in a rare diamond collection at Russia’s Kremlin building. FAMOUS DIAMONDS

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