How to wear a Cocktail Ring: Creative & Stylish Guide

Cocktail Ring

Discover how to wear a cocktail ring in creative and stylish ways.  A cocktail ring is a big chunky statement ring that one can wear at evening parties and weddings. A cocktail ring is designed to catch attention of people. A cocktail ring commonly has a large chunky stone at the center with smaller stones around it.

         The trend of cocktail rings emerged in 1940s where women would wear rings with huge stones to cocktail parties. Since then cocktail rings have been in fashion and women pair them with their outfits to make a statement. Since cocktail rings have massive stones in them they are made of cheaper/imitation stones. If these rings were made of real stones, they would become too expensive for women to afford.

Cocktail Ring


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A statement or cocktail rings are creeping back into fashion and rightly so for their different look and feel. ranging from elongated ring, classic minimal, city chic to vintage, and more.  Following are some tips that will help you sport cocktail rings the right way:


Cocktail Ring

  1.     Layer them up

Cocktail rings are a great way of expressing your creative side and catching people’s attention. When choosing a statement ring, make sure you just don’t stop at one, layer them on. You should shun all other jewelry pieces and focus on getting the right mix of wholesale ring cocktail rings for yourself. Big rings are perfect accessory for those who are not scared to be different. Women who are go getters and hustlers would invest in something as daring as a cocktail ring. There are different designs and patterns available to choose from.

  1.     Be bold, be different

When choosing cocktail rings, you must make sure that they can be different from each other. Safe matching is not for someone opting for something as daring as a ring. Make sure you choose bold designs that speak volumes about your fiery personality. Your rings don’t necessarily have to match your outfit. You can choose rings in colors contrasting with that of your outfit wear them with the oomph that they deserve.

  1.     Experiment with different textures

When choosing statement rings you must make sure that you experiment fully. You can play with different metal, colors, designs and patterns when choosing statement rings. Nowadays we see different varieties of cocktail rings in the market. We also have rings with animals on them, some have human faces made on them as well, the more you experiment with them the better.

  1.     Where to wear it

When choosing a cocktail ring you must make sure that it resonates well with your personality. When you enter a room full of strangers, your ring will speak before you do. Commonly a cocktail ring is worn in the ring finger or middle finger of the right hand. The reason for it is that when we are conversing we move our right more. wholesale silver rings Lately, we have also seen models and celebrities sport statement rings on their index and pinky fingers which looks even more bold.

         Cocktail rings should not be limited to parties. They look great at work, lunches, birthdays and what not, you just need to be bold enough to carry them.