What is 925 real silver and how to identify if it’s real or not?

925 real silver

If you are new to the market and want to buy a beautiful piece of 925 real silver that you just need to know what exactly is 925 silver and how to identify it. You need to read the following guidelines carefully so that you don’t come into any kind of trap of the sellers. 


Guidance How to choose 925 real silver


925 real silver


Dealers know very well if the customers aren’t well aware of 925 real silver and can easily trick them to buy just a piece of silver-plated jewelry. This will result in a complete disappointment for you as a customer and only profit for the seller. 

This is why it is very important to know where are you investing your money and time into. 925 real silver is not cheap. So, it is hard to judge the difference when compared with money. wholesale silver jewelry

What is 925 real silver? 


What exactly is 925 real silver and what is so special about this jewelry? This particular silver contains 92.5% of pure silver and the rest which is 7.5% of other mixed materials such as copper and nickel. This is why it is called as 925 real silver which is obvious from the name, it comes from the percentage of silver. 

It is important to add 7.5% into this because pure silver is very soft and malleable. wholesale silver rings It can’t be mold into different designs and shapes. That is why this particular amount of alloy is added to make it hard and turn into beautiful shapes and styles to make you look fabulous. 


Pure silver itself doesn’t contain 100% of silver. It has 0.01% of mixed materials. Which means that pure silver is just 99.9% of silver. 


925 real silver

How sellers can trick you into buying 925 real silver?


When the retailers are selling a product, they will tell you every detail and manipulate you into buying that perfect piece the seller has made you believe that it is 925 real silver. But it is not what you are thinking it is. 

What actually seller do is that they take a piece of copper of nickel and just plate it with silver. That is why it is known as “silver plated”. This is why you need to know the smell test which will be further discussed in the article. 


Tips and tricks


Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know before buying 925 real silver to have the best in quality and genuine.

Experiments you can do at home:


  • Ice test  

If you have any kind of interest in science or may have studied science in your life then you may know the melting points of silver. If you don’t know, you don’t need to worry about it. This article is here to help you.

Silver has a very high melting point and to check this you can easily do this experiment at home. Ice will in general melt fast in the normal room temperature but when you place it on silver it will melt even faster than usual. You will need to look closely at this. It will be like you have placed ice on heat.

Place ice on you 925 real silver and observe closely. The ice should melt fast. If it is successful then well and good. You have the 925-real silver. While if it fails then you have been tricked.


  • Smell Test


Like discussed earlier that silver-plated jewelry will just be like copper or any other metal surface topped with silver. Therefore, you might need to test by the jewelry by just giving it a sniff. If you can detect any kind of strong metal, then it surely isn’t 925 real silver. Because 925 real silver doesn’t give any kind of scent. 


925 real silver

  • Cloth Test


This is a simple test you can do it at the time of purchasing too. Take a cloth which is lighter in shade preferably white so that results are clear. Then rub it on your jewelry piece. If the cloth has some type of black residue then you have the right 925 real silver

The reason behind this is that pure silver when rubbed to a cloth it oxidizes to oxygen in the air and creates rust which is why you see the residue on your cloth.


  • Check the flexibility


You can twist and turn your 925-real silver. If it turns and bends easily then it is the right product otherwise it is not. Because silver is malleable and can be flexible enough to flex.

Experiments some professional should perform:


  • Acid Test


In this test, the specialist at the store must have chemicals to test the authenticity of 925 real silver. One of the chemicals which is important is nitric acid. Before performing the test, make sure the professional is wearing goggles and gloves to prevent any kind of injuries.

If a drop of nitric acid is dropped into the piece of jewelry and let it sit for a while. After some time, if the piece of jewelry is the same as you left is before dropping nitric acid then it genuine 925 real silver. But if it turns green then it is fake and you have been manipulated by the seller.


You need to be careful before carrying out this test. This can cause serious damage to your jewelry. 



You can try this at home if ordered online and can return it right away, reading their policies of course. Otherwise, if you are at the jewelry store you can tell them that they are selling fake 925 real silver.

Another important thing you might want to know is that the weight of real silver jewelry and 925 real silver will more or less be the same. To compare them just hold them in both the hands and judge it well. 

Nevertheless, you should always have your eye on the markings and logos. 925 real silver companies always imprint their jewelry with hallmarks. Therefore, check the silver jewelry carefully.